Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One Thing You Could Do Over The Next 30 Days That Could Change Your Life Forever...

Last week I decided to officially start my re-monking journey...in a practical way.  The excitement of actually doing something to enhance my devotion to Jesus instead of just talking about it compelled me to give up tobacco.  Yes, approximately 9 days ago I stopped putting peach flavored, long-cut snuff into my lower lip after my evening meal. 
Disclaimer:  Re-monking is NOT about giving up bad habits, (although this may occur in the process).  However, it IS about making incremental steps to improve our devotion to Jesus one baby step at a time. Removing hindrances and creating space, that's what we after.

You see, I had slowly begun to fashion a large segment of the day around my evening "dip" and it was clearly interfering with the precious little time before bed previously designated for being relational with my wife, reading, writing, and talking with God.  It's not that I'm opposed to the occasional  dip of snuff, cigar or pipe (much to the chagrin of those more holy than i), it's how one simple,after-dinner enjoyment of mine subtly became a thief.

So my re-monking journey officially begins with the excommunication of peach-flavored long-cut Timber Wolf snuff. 

It was after reading Mark Scandrette's Experiments in Truth 2011 post that God showed me the key to re-monking my life without being overwhelmed by the seemingly insurmountable mountain of  life baggage and busyness.  And so, "the hard work of developing durable habits of moral excellence in a covenant community" as Thomas Oden says, can begin here...today...right now... as you we ask ourselves this question:

 “Name one thing you could do over the next 30 or 40 days that could change your life forever.”

If we continue to put off our commitments to change, it will never happen, and we will still be in the same doldrums five years from now.  So I ask you again! Will you join me?  I've already got a head start on you!  What's it gonna be?

i am challenging you to join the conversation and the commitment for the next 30 days (starting tomorrow) by posting a comment briefly detailing what you are going to stop and/or start doing in order to re-monk your life

Remember, start small!  Once we gain a small victory, we will have more confidence and faith in God's transformative power to bring lasting change in our lives. 
Join the conversation by commenting below (click on the comments tag, if you do not have a registered account, select "anonymous"-you can still include your name and contact info in the post if you wish), following us on twitter, or posting on our facebook wall for those of you who are our "friends". 

 I will be posting a new blog every Tuesday and Friday for the next 30 days (ending June 24) as a way of sharing testimonies and encouraging thoughts for those who are on the journey with us as well as for those who may look from afar (Let us provoke them to Godly jealousy so that they too will join us on the journey!).  Let's close the GAP together, in one small way, for the next 30 days, between the way we want to live and our present reality.

In the Lion, In the Lamb,

Mark Whitten

"Small, incremental steps toward transformation, in my opinion, is the best way to insure long-term spiritual success and character conformity to the image of Jesus Christ."


  1. Example: Mark, I'm with you! I commit to intentionally showing more affection to my wife every day for the next 30 days and "be present" to her in conversation. Re-monking!

  2. I commit one hour each day to find out things that are on the hearts of my friends and petition the Lord about those matters for the next 30 days.