Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reclaimed Barnwood

Reclaim: to rescue from an undesirable state

My wife Julie wrote me this poem in late February when i was in sort of a wilderness season.  The poem speaks to that deep place in me that often fears being passed by, or overlooked by God.  Having lived in a couple very rural Tennessee settings, old, broken-down barns are a familiar sight to me.


There's a barn in an open field,
Standing alone...

It's been there for years,

Ignored, weathered, rain stained
Wind beaten

It's gloomy, grey
And where it meets the grass, it's slightly green
With moss.

Empty, unused, serving
No purpose, but shelter
For the occassional passerby.

It sits idle.

Until one day a carpenter sees its beauty
And starts to take down
Its walls to sand and
Smooth and put to use.

        ~Julie Whitten

May this piece of beauty encourage your soul as you continue to "re-monk" your life one small, incremental step at a time.  God bless you my friend.

In the Lion, In the Lamb,


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  1. Mark! Cool stuff! I really enjoy getting to know you through your blogs! I love your spirit as I do you and your clan :-)

  2. @Douglashey thanks Daddy O! Thanks for the encouragement! love ya!