Thursday, June 9, 2011

Re-monk recap

Blog Issue Contents
I. Month in Review
II. New 30 Day Life-Shift Cycle Begins
III. New Additions to the Site
IV. Announcing the Winner of the 30-Day Challenge

It's been a month and three days since the re-monk journey began.  Some of you have joined us by participating in the 30 day challenge, others have stopped in to read an article or just to see what i have been up to, and still others have probably accidentally stumbled upon the site through a google search (hence my viewer from Mongolia).  Whatever the case, i hope that you are enjoying what you find here!

As the movement of new monasticism grows, i pray that Re-monk can play some small part in helping individuals and communities of faith become more devoted followers of Christ by committing to small, incremental life-shifts in thirty-day cycles that create space for God and other people.

A New Thirty-Day Cycle Has Begun!

Approximately one month ago, as my first re-monking experiment, i officially stopped "dipping snuff" (as we call it down here in the South), because it had become a thief in the night, stealing precious time away from my family and opportunities to grow in faith.  For the next 30 days, i plan on starting something, all in order to create sacred space for God and others.  i must reiterate, that the remonking journey, is not about shedding bad habits and becoming a better person (although that may happen by default); it is however about making small life-shifts in order to grow closer to God and become more sensitive to the needs of our fellow man.

It looks like we are going to choose the 7th of each month to start a new life-shift cycle.  Remember, keep them small yet significant, and refer to the "Re-Monk Rule" when beginning each 30 day cycle. 

i'm so excited about this month's challenge.  i'm hesitant to share all of the things that i plan to re-monk in my life because i don't want to come across as putting my life-changes on display or hold them up as something to judge myself or others by, but i do want to share my journey so that others can be encouraged by the beauty of small, seemingly insignificant changes that have the potential to catalyze real spiritual transformation.  For the next 30 days, i commit to reading the Scriptures from the daily office lectionary in the Book of Common Prayer every day, without fail, no matter what.  Now, i understand that daily Bible reading seems like something a "good Christian" should already be doing, but for a husband with five kids, grass to cut, bills to pay, and a myriad of other minor excuses that creep their way into my daily life, it's a serious commitment. i'm looking forward to being washed with the word daily, as well as having the accountability of committing to it in the presence of my friends and readers online. 

The Scriptorium and Other Additions to the Site

Check out our new page called the ScriptoriumA scriptorium was literally "a place for writing" and was commonly used to refer to a room in medieval European monasteries devoted to the collecting, copying, and preserving of manuscripts by monastic scribes.   i have arranged a collection of "manuscripts" or books that have impacted me tremendously on my journey toward a new monasticism.  There are a few newer releases that i have not read, but have been included because they have been recommended to me by people that i honor and are on the same ancient future path. All of the books in the Scriptorium are of the highest spiritual quality and i hope that you get a chance to add them to your library!  Should you decide to order, please do so from this site, as a portion of the proceeds will go toward helping fund the adoption process for local families.

We now have a mobile version of Re-monk available for those of you who want to keep up with us on the move.  But please, no reading and driving!

Grab a re-monk button!  Copy the code at the bottom right hand of the sidebar directly underneat the black and white button with the red "Re-Monk Yo-Sef" sign on it.  Then paste the html code onto your own site as a widget/gadget if you want people to have a quicklink back to Re-monk!

Also, please check out the bliturgy page.  Many of my evangelical and charismatic friends are not familiar with the liturgy as an ancient form of worship.  Please read the About the Blog section to discover more about liturgy.  Our future plans here at Re-monk include a weekly Bliturgy (Blog+Liturgy) with updated scriptures, prayers, saint bios, and devotional aids.  However, we are not quite there yet, so please check out the bliturgy page (beta version) for an example of an ancient-future liturgy.

Winner of the Punk Monk Prize

Congratulations Douglass McKinstry of Greenville, South Carolina, winner of May's 30-Day Re-monk challenge!  Your book will be shipped to you soon Mr. McKinstry.  Stay tuned for more Re-monk challenges and prizes and if you have any prize ideas drop me a note, make a comment, send an email, tweet, post, text, etc. 

In the Lion, In the Lamb,



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