Friday, June 3, 2011

The Re-Monk Rule

"Every major monastic movement decided at some point that it needed a rule of life by which to work, serve and live. The Augustinian Rule brought order to a fragmented movement.  The Benedictine Rule balanced prayer, study, work, food, and rest to create an orderly way of life for their monasteries.  Francis's Rule was both inward and outward, balancing poverty, chastity, humility, and obedience to God in prayer, work, harmony and preaching."
 ~ Punk Monk by Andy Freeman and Pete Greig, p. 105, Regal books 2007

The Rule

1. Committed to creating sacred space for God and others by simplifying our lives in practical ways.

2. Committed to twelve, incremental, thirty-day growth cycles of small, yet significant life changes, consecrated by the ancient practice of solemn vows.

3. Committed to journey with a small group, soul friend, or spiritual director (which may include correspondence, forums or other online communities that may develop here at

4. Committed to fulfilling our vows and not giving up on our journey should a vow be broken, rather to quickly confess, ask forgiveness, and repent quickly by picking up right where we left off.

i will leave you with this thought from Mark Scandrette,

"The goal is never to create an extra layer of rules that we use to judge ourselves or others by. We need practices of abstinence and engagement that are specific to the places where reinvention is most needed in our lives."

In the Lion, In the Lamb,



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