Friday, July 1, 2011

A New Re-Monk Cycle Approacheth

My wife and i returned from our trip to Northern Michigan last night.  After putting nearly 2,000 miles on our mini-van, we are home in good ole Tennessee!  Julie's grandmother passed away last week, so we loaded up the van with the two boys and the baby and made the 10 hour trek to Flint from Spring Hill for the funeral, and then drove another 3 hours or so up to Petoskey where Julie spent her childhood.  On the last day, we drove up to the Upper Peninsula (across the Mackinac Bridge) to stay the night in her late grandfather's cabin on Lake Michigan.  We also celebrated our one year anniversary while we were gone.  It was a beautiful time filled with beautiful scenery and beautiful people! 

July 7th begins our next "re-monk" cycle!  So if you want to join with others who are making small, incremental changes each month that are dramatically affecting their lives in God, then please check out our "re-monk urself" page and join the conversation!  What better time than NOW to begin shaping your future?

I'm excited to begin this next cycle!  God has already made some incredible changes in my life in two short-months.  It's my prayer that you join us as we endeavor to re-monk our lives together, one small step at a time.  Imagine making twelve - small, yet significant "life-shifts" over the next year to sacred space for God and for others.  Take a few moments to ponder what God could do with your life if you were willing to commit to one small change each month for a year? 

In the Lion, In the Lamb,


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