Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ordinary Radical or just ordinary?


i apologize for not posting this past weekend!  School recently started back and as my friend Darren Davis used to say, i have been "blowin and goin bro".  Whew...

Saturday, i spent the day weed-eating Johnson grass at my Dad's (poppy) farm for some extra cash, and swimming  with Seth and Seanna in the pond.  They loved jumping off the boat and splashing around with Poppy and me.  After swimming and a big vegan lunch that grandma made us, i took Seth shooting; it was his first time shooting a .22 rifle!  Then we went home, got dressed and went to our Saturday night gathering at the Greenhouse Abbey. 

Sunday, the day i usually write my posts for re-monk, somehow got filled with everything but what i wanted to accomplish.  It happens.  i paid some bills, posted some things on Craig's List, did the monthly budget, made some phone calls, dropped the kids off, picked up the yard, did some laundry, and finally pooped out with little energy to do anything else but watch a movie that we had ordered from Netflix (the whole time feeling convicted about not making room for Sabbath rest).  No wonder i was so tired Monday!

i guess if i am an ordinary radical, the last two weeks have been less radical and more ordinary.  But that's okay.  God is still crazy about me...and you too!

The vegan thing is still going well; i've lost about 12 pounds since the 7th and almost two belt notches! We have also received the "Advanced Reader Copy" of my new book on centering prayers from our publisher.  Julie and i are also nearly finished with our children's book about blended families!  We can't wait until they are both available for you!  We will keep you updated. 

Check out my new Contact Mark page.  i have moved the "Bliturgy" page to a new website that i will be working on in the future!  Thanks for all of your support and encouragement!  We love hearing from you.  Please pray for our family as we prepare to move into our new home (cheaper rent!).

Stay tuned for Battle For The Body: Part Three!  

In the Lion, In the Lamb,


P.S.  Baby Jedediah will be four months September 5th!


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