Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ordinary Radical or just ordinary?


i apologize for not posting this past weekend!  School recently started back and as my friend Darren Davis used to say, i have been "blowin and goin bro".  Whew...

Saturday, i spent the day weed-eating Johnson grass at my Dad's (poppy) farm for some extra cash, and swimming  with Seth and Seanna in the pond.  They loved jumping off the boat and splashing around with Poppy and me.  After swimming and a big vegan lunch that grandma made us, i took Seth shooting; it was his first time shooting a .22 rifle!  Then we went home, got dressed and went to our Saturday night gathering at the Greenhouse Abbey. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Battle For The Body: Part Two

It's been a week since we started the latest re-monk cycle (going vegan for thirty days) as i mentioned in the last post "Gaining Ground".  And although i'm really craving a Big Mac, a large fry with about 8 barbecue dipping sauces, and a triple-thick strawberry milkshake, i'm 12 pounds lighter and one inch tighter in my waist in just 7 days!  My energy levels have soared, and my mind is clearer and sharper than i can ever remember it being.  So, i have reasoned that i can deal with these momentary cravings while my appetite adjusts, in exchange for feeling great!  Plus, it's good practice for "dying daily", you know that thing we are all supposed to do when we follow Jesus.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Taking Ground

It's been 3 months since my first go at re-monking my life.   Since then, i've quit tobacco products completely, begun to read the Bible every day, and have prayed for my marriage on a near daily basis.  i cannot yet say that my life has "radically" changed, however, i have definitely taken ground in some key areas of my life by implementing some simple, incremental changes

Instead of living with sore gums and the constant fear of mouth cancer, i now have freedom.  Instead of being in a constant battle with impure thoughts, i now have a purity and clarity of mind that i know is a direct result of washing myself daily in the Word of God.  And although i'm only 30 days or so into praying for my marriage, i can see things changing in myself and in my wife.  With that said, i'm excited and somewhat reticent to begin the next re-monk cycle!