Monday, September 26, 2011

We Moved

Hello Friends.  The past month has been a time of transition for our family.  In order to simplify our lives and clear up some small debts, we opted to move from our home in Spring Hill to a less expensive rural area south of where i teach school.  As you may know, uprooting and unpacking is not a short or easy process.  The last three weekends have been so full of fixing, unpacking, organizing and going to the dump and/or Good Will that i have scarcely had time to pray, think, or write!  Obviously,  i have not been regularly posting for re-monk.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Battle For The Body: Part Three

It's been 30 days since re-monking my diet.  I'm nearly fifteen pounds lighter and i need some new pants!  My mind is sharper than it has ever been, and my energy levels are much higher than they were a few weeks ago.  However, i must confess that i cheated the other night. 

My son Adam had been begging me to cook some of the deer meat we harvested last hunting season, so after marinating it in Ginger Ale and Italian dressing for two days, i slapped some venison on the grill and perfection was the result.  Slightly pink in the middle and so juicy; i could not resist!  It's a good thing i did not take vows for this cycle.  But, other than that small portion of the leanest, most organic red meat, you can eat, Julie and i have done really well with what we have put into our temples this month, and we are experiencing the rich benefits of an almost-vegan diet!

In Battle For The Body: Part Two, we talked about how important it was to guard what we eat because our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit.  We mentioned that since the Kingdom of God is within us, it just makes good sense to strive for the well treatment of our bodies so that the Kingdom life can flow more easily and readily within and through us.