Monday, November 21, 2011

Of Kings and Priests: Part Two

Financial abuses have run rampant in the Church for the past three to four decades.  Scandals, a lack of accountability, and misappropriation of church funds have left a wound in the hearts of many would-be givers, namely those in whom the Lord has given the gift of generosity.  Monies that should have gone to the extension of God's kingdom have been diverted to other secular causes and charitable institutions as a backlash for the years of poor financial stewardship and a lack of financial transparency by our church leaders.  This lack of trust has only been exacerbated by the media's attempt to demonize the Church in its exposure of "big name" ministers who have misappropriated funds.  This attempt by the enemy to divert Kingdom finances has dramatically slowed the Church's progress in reaching every nation, tribe and tongue.