Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Of Kings and Priests: Part Three

It was Oswald, King of Northumbria, who caught the spirit and the vision of God's Kingdom in the early 600's AD when he invited Aidan, the Irish monk-priest from Scottish Iona, to come and share the teachings of Isu Mac De (Jesus Son of God) with the people of his kingdom.   As mentioned in "Of Kings and Priests: Part One"  Aidan and King Oswald began a partnership that modeled God's intention for synergy between the marketplace and the ministry.  

In the furtherance of this discussion, i should reiterate that all who follow Christ are considered to be a royal priesthood, however, we also recognize that throughout the biblical record and church history there are and have always been those specifically set apart to minister to the Lord and His people as an occupation or in a "full time" capacity. So it is with this understanding that we continue our discussion of the role of kings (those not called into full-time vocational ministry) and priests (those who are called to equip and govern the church in truth and faithfulness to the apostolic tradition).