Sunday, January 29, 2012

Re-Monking Re-Monk


After beginning the re-monk journey last May, i can honestly say that my life has radically changed.  The Lord Jesus has lifted me out of the doldrums of life, healed many broken places in my soul, administered discipline, showered his tender mercies upon my family and me, and has placed a vision in my heart for ministry that i believe He had planned for me all along.  Even this day, he is calling me deeper into His burning heart and putting his divine finger of love on the places in my heart that he wants to be sanctified.

Beloved, the point i'm trying to make is that God CHANGED me in less than a year's time, radically!  Not simply because i followed the pattern outlined on the re-monkurself page, but because He loves me, even when i felt unworthy, bored, disconnected, dark and ugly.  He came after me.  But i'm not going to sugar coat this past year with some ethereal message about God bringing a bored Christian into the intimacies of Christ and suggest that the change came about by living the same way i was living and hoping for supernatural intervention.  In other words, i didn't sit around and wait for change to happen!  I went after it!!!  And HE met me.