Tuesday, November 27, 2012

On Tradition: Part One

It has become a byword in many independent, evangelical, and charismatic churches... something to avoid at all cost...an unholy word that should find no place to rest in our postmodern Christian landscape...in fact the absence of it has become our litmus test for being relevant, original and even "apostolic".

The word...TRADITION....

Meanwhile, in the western church's fight for relevance amongst a cacophony of other options, she has become more irrelevant than ever.  A generation of youth are screaming for stability, while their gen-xer parents are still trying to find themselves.  American evangelicalism, with its lack of passion and power, deflated by the recent election results, is beginning to wake up to the fact that something is missing.  When drawing crowds becomes more important than discipleship so that we can pay the mortgage on a building that is rarely used, when "trunk or treat" becomes the great harvest, when pagan egg hunts become the highlight of the Easter season, and when inflatables, fire trucks, and cotton candy become our main means of evangelism, something is amiss!