Thursday, February 28, 2013

Book Release!

Our journey toward a new monasticism often requires tools and resources to help us along this thorny trek.  i cannot begin to tell you how books and other multi-media resources have helped to light my path and encourage me to continue on this narrow road we walk in the Kingdom of God.  It's been nearly two years since i began, and it is now my great privilege to offer you a tool that has come to life as a result of my decision to "re-monk" my life.  Part of my calling and the primary purpose of this site is to encourage and equip other whole-hearted believers on their journey with Jesus.  With that said, i am humbled to announce the release of my third book of centering prayers, called Song of Songs: Centering Prayers for the Bride of Christ.

After more than ten years of studying, preaching, and praying through the Song of Songs, i wrote this  book of centering prayers to coincide with each chapter and verse of the Biblical book written by King Solomon. Now, i'm inviting you to experience its passion and power through the poetic prayers of Song of Songs: Centering Prayers for the Bride of ChristThis book is about three times the length of my other two books for sale on the side bar------->, and by far my favorite of the three.

For a donation of $10.00 or more to Eleventh Hour Mission, we will send you a signed copy of the book as our gift to you (Don't forget to mention offer SOS). Should you prefer to order online, we are offering a discounted price through the months of February and March in honor of Saint Valentine and Saint Patrick. Click here to order your discounted copy directly from our distributor! You can also order on Amazon at full retail price by clicking here.

I want to personally thank each of you who have read the articles, listened to sermons, ordered books, prayed for this ministry, and/or have taken the challenge to re-monk urselves!  May God richly bless you and continue to assist you in your journey toward a new monasticism by the power of the Holy Spirit!

In the Lion, In the Lamb,



  1. Hope this is soon available as an ebook, which I prefer.

    1. Hi Mr. Munday, I will work with my publisher to make this a reality as soon as possible. Thanks for stopping by!