Sunday, October 19, 2014

Didache: An Ancient-Future Catechism
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In a world where everything we thought we knew, seems to be shifting beneath our feet, it is comforting to know that our Christian faith is an unchanging and ancient one.  With knowledge increasing exponentially, how can we expect to keep up?  How do we find solid ground in the midst of fundamental transformation? How can we get the answers we need for our daily Christian life without sifting through a thousand different interpretations and opinions of armchair theologians? 

Reliable, relevant, and historical guidance can only be found in one place…its original source.  We must go back and uncover the ancient wells of our faith to find what is true, what is certain, what is rooted.  Too often, we hear of "how things were done in the early church" by preachers and teachers using scant portions of the Bible (often out of context) to formulate a theology for Christian living in postmodernity.
Although Scripture gives us glimpses of that daily life and forms a foundation of principles to live by in the New Covenant, it does not explicitly show how the early church trained its new converts, administered its sacraments, or organized its government.  Didache: An Ancient-Future Catechism uncovers the primitive protocol of our faith’s most original members, and offers it as an anchor for grounding personal and corporate worship practices.   Whether you are looking for an ancient source of practical, spiritual wisdom, or an ancient-future primer for new converts, Didache: An Ancient-Future Catechism will not disappoint!


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