Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dormition of Mary

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In Honor of Mary, our Mother, on this special day of her dormition, we remember that she was the first to receive our beloved Savior into her life, serving as a model for all those who would believe; and as Church Tradition reports was among the first fruits of the resurrection of the saints.  May you be included in her prayers this special weekend as we celebrate her life, death, and assumption into the heavenly Kingdom of our Christ and God.

Commemorated on August 15
After the Ascension of the Lord, the Mother of God remained in the care of the Apostle John the Theologian, and during his journeys She lived at the home of his parents, near the Mount of Olives. She was a source of consolation and edification both for the Apostles and for all the believers. She told them about miraculous events: the Annunciation, the seedless and undefiled Conception of Christ born of Her, about His early childhood, and about His earthly life. Like the Apostles, She helped plant and strengthen the Christian Church by Her presence, Her discourse and Her prayers... (to read more about the dormition of the theotokos click here.


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